May 07 2013

Reflections on My Research Paper

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Overall I am satisfied with the final revised version of my research paper. I think that compared to my first draft I have analyzed my sources more thoroughly and stitching paragraphs together more effectively. However, I think that the prose style of my essay can still be improved. Maybe adapting my essay to the web will help solve some of these issues. I am still figuring out how to use WordPress for my web project, but I have a few ideas for how I might adapt my essay to web media.

For example, during my research process, I came across a brief YouTube video by a respected neuroscientist on what we can learn from synesthesia as a brain phenomenon. This might be interesting to integrate with my Jamie Ward source, which explains synesthesia as “a window into, among other things, how conscious experiences are created” (69). Since synesthesia can be difficult to imagine for non-synesthestes, I’ll also search around for helpful illustrations.

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