May 14 2013

Reflections on Final Project Feedback/Plans for Web Project

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In the feedback on my research project, Professor Tougaw pointed out several flaws in my essay that, had they not been brought to my attention, I probably never would have pushed myself to correct. I agree that my essay fails to sufficiently connect my analysis of synesthesia as a condition and Gilman’s portrayal of synesthesia to Gilman’s critique of patriarchy. I also agree that some of my points are distracting, and that I don’t spend enough time examining the narrator’s consciousness and Gilman’s use of literary synesthesia.

I have already begun to work on the web component of my project. So far, I’ve set up pages that summarize “The Yellow Wallpaper,” provide fMRI evidence for literal synesthesia, and discuss literary synesthesia. But, in light of the weaknesses in my essay, I need to talk more about literary synesthesia and the ways in which it is used in “The Yellow Wallpaper.” I will also need to analyze the symptoms of the narrator’s synesthesia more thoroughly, and draw stronger connections between this condition (and literary synesthesia) and Gilman’s critique of patriarchy. Also, I need to explain exactly what patriarchy is in this story and how it is depicted.

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  1.   schristianon 20 May 2013 at 12:06 pm

    The fact that he addressed the flaws in my paper was the only reason I have to say that I actually sat down and made sure I followed what he was saying. Making me realize the things that were said wrong or done wrong made me not rush and take my time to write a well developed essay

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